Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Magic Santa Personalized Video

Santa Claus will create and send your loved ones a personalized video directly from the North Pole, for free.

Sympatico has launched their popular Magic Santa website that allows you to send a card to the "North Pole" so that Santa can send a personalized video message to a loved one.

Magic Santa

To get started you need to add your child's information (name, age, gender and location, photo and Things you should know about the child before creating the card). Next add a photo of yourself and your e-mail address. A personalized video message will then be created where Santa will address your children or other loved ones. You will also receive the link to the video and have the opportunity to e-mail the video to other loved ones.

Bring a big smile to you children's faces with a free Magic Santa Personalized Video.

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