Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa & The Little Teddy Bear Free Coloring Book

We received a very nice e-mail from Peter Lucking, author and illustrator of the epic adventure, Santa & The Little Teddy Bear.

"Peter believes that children, parents and grandparents will delight in reading the tale of Santa and the Little Teddy Bear as they travel the world discovering the magic of Christmas and how different countries celebrate.

A magical ride with Santa and the reindeer takes a teddy bear on a whirlwind adventure to become a special Christmas gift.

Filled with suspense, antics and charm, interwoven with Christmas traditions and carols for all the family to sing. The tale builds on these devices to provide a narrative of warmth and spirit of the things that are truly important. A timeless heirloom Christmas season classic, this fireside epic encourages young and old to believe in the spirit of Christmas."

Peter also wanted to let us know about the KYGO Christmas Crusade for Children in Denver, that he and his wife Cheri are working with. The Christmas Crusade for Children helps to make Christmas morning a little brighter for an under privileged child.

For the Christmas Crusade for Children event, they have created a Free Santa & The Little Teddy Bear coloring book, which they wanted to share with my family and the readers of the Fun 4 The Children Blog.

The free Santa & The Little Teddy Bear coloring book is 12 pages long and in PDF format. You'll find some wonderful coloring images of Santa, The Little Teddy Bear, Elves, Christmas Stockings and more.

A big thank you to Peter and Cheri for the wonderful job with the Santa & The Little Teddy Bear book, the noble work with the KYGO Christmas Crusade for Children and for sharing the Free Santa & The Little Teddy Bear Coloring Book!

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