Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Make Play Dough

Whip up a batch of fun in the kitchen and keep your kids entertained for hours with homemade play dough.

In this step by step video, Monica and Alice teach you how to make homemade play dough through a few easy steps. Each ingredient is a common household product.

Materials needed to make your homemade play dough:

Cream of tartar
Cooking oil
Food coloring

You can add more or less ingredients than the recipe in the video, depending on how much play dough you want to make.


1. Mix up all the dry ingredients.

2. Add in the wet ingredients, a little at a time. Water first, followed by cooking oil and then the food coloring.

3. Add ingredients to pan on medium heat (don't worry, your pan will be fine)

4. Continue stirring, two to three minutes until you get a thick consistency.

5. Remove from pan and let cool.

Make sure you keep your new play dough in a sealed container or plastic wrap.

Please make sure the little children get help from a grown up.

Have fun!

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