Friday, January 7, 2011

How We Get Our Milk - Free Coloring Book

On January 11th in 1878, milk was delivered in bottles for the first time. Glass bottles allowed milk to be delivered in sanitary conditions to customers.

To celebrate Milk Day, you can download a Free How We Get Our Milk coloring book, from the Washington Dairy Council.

How We Get Our Milk - Free Coloring BookThe How We Get Our Milk coloring book is twelve pages and follows Geraldine the cow as it explains to your children, how milk is made and then delivered to the store.

Printing Tip: To save time and money on ink: When you choose Print, you may have noticed a button that says "Properties." Click "Properties" and then "Print Quality." Select either "Draft Print" or "Fast Draft" (options are different on some printers) to print a fast copy that saves ink!

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