Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joovy Cocoon Stroller

Love at First Sight Could Start With the Joovy Caboose

If you're looking for the perfect accessory to your day that allows you to spend quality time with your children, the Joovy Caboose is it! Here is a manufacturer that you're probably already pretty familiar with so you know that this is a product you can trust. In today’s busy lifestyle, it's not always easy to squeeze in your daily dose of exercise, especially when you have a baby but the Joovy Caboose offers up new possibilities of adventure.

The Joovy Caboose is a jogger-stroller-bicycle trailer all combined in one very attractive package. Of course, as you would expect, this product is equipped with a lot of the same thoughtful features found on the Caboose, a top-picked stroller for parents with more than one child. The Joovy Caboose is available both in single or double varieties, folding up really compact so you can store it anywhere, even in the trunk of the smallest car.

The stroller offers a love-at-first-sight kind of appeal. As soon as you look at it, you can immediately tell that there is something not only really special about it but that you will actually want to use it and get your money's worth from it. The stroller is a multifunction product that goes from stroller to jogger to bike trailer with ease. Literally, all you have to do is remove the front two swivel wheels and attach a jogger wheel that is sold separately, when you want to use it for a jogger or add on the trailer hitch when you want to hook it up to your bike.

What Makes the Joovy Caboose so Special?

Bumbleride Indie twin reviews were very positive, mainly for the abundance of storage that the product provides which is always appreciated by a parent. Well, the Joovy stroller offers a very large compartment for all the essential items that you need on your journey. The best part about this compartment is that it zips shut so when you venture over a bump on your bike, you don't have to worry about your belongings falling out.

Entry into the unit is through a large front, zippered door that features not only a mesh window for those picture-perfect weather days but also a vinyl window for when Mother Nature is not quite so cooperative. There are also two windows, one on each side so your kids can see everything passing by around them.

As the name suggests, the inside is cocoon-inspired so your child is comfortable and safe with an abundance of legroom and secured in with a five-point harness. The Joovy Caboose provides a super smooth ride due to its 20” pneumatic rear wheels so if the child wants to nap while you're getting in your exercise, they won't be bounced around.

Whether you're looking for a practical stroller for everyday use or one that you can add to your fitness routine, the Joovy Caboose is the perfect product. Your exercise time can be fun for the children; with this stroller there's no need to leave them at home with a sitter.

About the author: Garry Edwards is a father, freelance writer and fitness enthusiast who provides tips for consumers purchasing products for children. He also offers helpful advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even as a busy parent.

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