Sunday, February 20, 2011

Free Disney Storybook Maker

Form Disney Junior comes a Free Story Maker that you can personalize for your children.

The Free Disney Storybook Maker is very easy to use. To get started, choose a character, type in the request information (ex: child's name, favorite food) and click continue. A cute story will appear that you can read on your computer or print out. You can even go back and edit the story if you find a mistake.

While your at Disney Junior there is also a whole bunch of other free activities for your children to get excited about. They can create their own calendar or greeting card, click and color online or choose from a nice list of coloring pages to print out and decorate anyway they want.

You'll also find games, videos and more!

Have fun with your little one at Disney Junior!

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kathymcc said...

I love the Disney site for making stories. Do you know of any other sites that do similar things?

Sammie said...

Hi Kathymcc,

Here are a couple I know of: - Star in a Storybook Adventure - here's a post we did on Jiff-e-Books - Personalized Children's Story Books - free software program to create your books. - this one is a little different as it doesn't let you create books but does read them to your child.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your comment and for visiting Fun 4 The Children

Autumn said...

Thanks SO much for the post! I've been looking for this link to make a book for my son for his birthday :)

Sammie said...

You so welcome Autumn!