Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Yikes-Lice! Book & Coloring Pages

"For many children, head lice can be confusing, embarrassing and even scary. For parents, head lice have a bad reputation for causing panic."

Learn the truth about head lice and help your children understand head lice with the help of Dr. Itchy.

Dr Itchy - Your Kid Friendly Head Lice Expert

Dr Itchy provides some great resource to make head lice education easy and fun for kids!

To start, you can request a free copy of Free Yikes-Lice! Book by Donna Caffey and Patrick Girouard. This fun and engaging children's book uses rhyming verses to tell the story of how a young girl overcomes head lice with the help of her parents.

Invite two friends to and they will send you a FREE copy of Yikes-Lice!

You can also download Free Dr. Itchy and Friends Coloring Pages in PDF format. You'll finding pictures of Dr. Itchy, Clouse the Louse, Nit-Wit and more.

Think your fast enough to help Dr. Itchy remove all those head lice? Your child can try in the Dr. Itchy Head Lice Hunt Game.

Parents, while your at the Dr. Itchy website, make sure your children watch the videos Dr. Itchy Animated Series: Emily Finds Out She Has Head Lice and Dr. Itchy Animated Series: Emily Gets Treated for Head Lice, which will help them further understand about head lice (videos are in the children section.)

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