Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Printable UmiZoomi Coloring Book & Snowflake Activity Pack

"Team Umizoomi is an animated live-action series on Nick Jr. It's located in the center of a wonderfully urban environment, where the streets are paved with origami, the sidewalks are swirled with color, and even the manhole covers have whimsical patterns embedded within. Team Umizoomi is made up of Milli, Geo, and Bot, who solve everyday problems with their Mighty Math Powers in order to keep Umi City running smoothly."Team UmiZoomi Fan Club

Right now, you can join the Team UmiZoomi Fan Club on Nick Jr to get a Free Printable UmiZoomi Coloring Book & Snowflake Activity Pack.

UmiZoomi Coloring Book - Kids can color in all the Umi characters--plus Bot's numbers, Geo's shapes, and Milli's flower pattern. The UmiZoomi Coloring Book is 4 pages in length.

Snowflake Activity Pack - 6 Pages of Snowflake Fun. If it's snowing outside, keep kids happy indoors with Umizoomi counting and matching games, stickers, and snowflake chains! Make it snow indoors with Team Umizoomi! Kids can play the afternoon away with matching and counting games, and umiriffic snowflake chains.

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