Monday, March 21, 2011

Toys R Us Free Printable Coloring Book

Grab the crayons and get ready to color with the famous Toys R Us giraffe, Geoffrey.

Toys R Us Free Printable Coloring Book

Inside the Toys R Us Free Printable Coloring Book you'll find eleven pages of fun and games with Geoffry the Giraffe.

You'll find Geoffry celebrating a birthday, playing the guitar, reading a book, having a picnic, swimming and more. Along the way, you will meet some of Geoffry's friends which including an elephant, rhinoceros, rabbit, turtle and others.

The Toys R Us Free Printable Coloring Book contains eighteen different pictures for you to download (opens in PDF format) and print out on your computer printer.

Printing Tip: To save time and money on ink: When you choose Print, you may have noticed a button that says "Properties." Click "Properties" and then "Print Quality." Select either "Draft Print" or "Fast Draft" (options are different on some printers) to print a fast copy that saves ink!

If the above link for this offer is not working or expired, we still might be able to help you get a free copy. Contact US and let us know what you're looking for as we save many of these offers to our computers.

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