Sunday, April 3, 2011

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat For Kids

Kids who are fat and with big belly are adorable, they are so cute to look at and whenever we see a child who is chubby, we always want to kiss and pinch them. But if this belly fat results to childhood obesity, it will surely cause problems later on, so it would be better to do something about it now as a preventive measure.

The fat in the stomach may lead to complications and problems to the other organs found in that area. People who are overweight suffer from diabetes, cholesterol and heart problems. Some of the causes of childhood obesity emerge from the fact that children are fond of junk foods which are rich in saturated and trans fat, and that they are no longer out of the house and play, they opt to stay home and watch television or video games instead. The remedy here is to increase the activity level of the child through exercise. The big question right now is what are the exercises to lose belly fats for kids? The following are some of the recommended exercises I can share to you:

1. Swimming. Teach your children how to swim as it will not only help them lose belly fat, it will also tone the rest of their body. There are different strokes both you and your child can learn especially the butterfly stroke which is very effective in burning fat. This is an exercise that if developed by your child as a hobby will also enhanced your child's gross motor skills.

2. Walking everyday. Encourage your children to take walks everyday, if the school, the mall or the park is just walking distance, then let your child walk.

3. Doing household chores. Teach your child how to become responsible, assign him/her to wash dishes, mob the floor, help you in cleaning the backyard, help you in the garden and other household chores that are not too burdensome for a child.

4. Dancing. This exercise strengthens not only the leg muscles but also is a great way to get rid of belly fat. Kids surely love this activity, so let them choose what form of dancing they would like to focus on and encourage them to stay at it. There are also workout videos available in various department stores or online that you can buy so that your kid can practice dancing at home with you.

5. Jogging. This is an exercise that both you and your children can enjoy every day. This can also serve as your bonding time and share stories about what happened at school.

6. Skipping Rope. This is one of the fastest ways to lose belly fat, you can lose up to 110 calories in 10 minutes.The results are amazing so teach the kids the various styles of skipping and let them to enjoy and also to motivate them in making this a hobby.

7. Childhood games like Soccer, Basketball and Softball are good avenue to train your child to become health conscious and develop the habit of constant exercise. It is also good in disciplining your child.

Make all of the above exercises a responsibility for your child. But of course this should also be coupled with a balanced diet in order to be more effective.Prevention is better than cure at all times. If these habits are developed at an early age, the attitude, growth, maturity level of your child will be better.

A big thank you to Chris for this guest post. Chris writes about how to lose belly fat and other healthy weight loss tips. As a parent I can tell you to first, cater to your child's needs, then teach your child good habits especially about balanced diet and exercise during childhood years as these teachings can last for a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

this really help my child is straighter then a straw

lose belly fat and weight said...

Thanks Sammie for the great tips. I agree swimming, walking, dancing, skipping rope, etc. is good exercise for kids and its like a fun and game not exact exercise kids like all of these.

MalibuGuy21 said...

This is really helping me. Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Do not make tour kid feel like nothing froget this if u tell them to lose wheight thats y they mihit acked up

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This has help a lot very a lot thanks