Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free Letters from the Easter Bunny

New for Easter 2011 comes some more Free Letters from the Easter Bunny that you can personalize and print out on your computer.

This year we have added four new links for you to find free Easter Bunny letters. Along with our previous years post of Easter Bunny letters, your sure to find something you'll like.

Free Easter Bunny Letters

Easter Bunny Letter #1 - is offering three different free unique Easter Bunny letters for you to personalize and then download and print on your computer printer.

Personalization of your free Easter Bunny letters include selection of color, name, gender, age, city, good deeds achieved and friend's name. They also have a Deluxe Easter Bunny letter set (you can purchase) that includes a personalized letter, envelope and door hanger.

Easter Bunny Letter #2 - Free Easter Printables has a nice set of printable letters from the Easter Bunny for you to choose from. As of this post, they have eleven free Easter Bunny letters for you to download and print out.

None of the free letters includes personalization but they do offer a editable version of each letter that you can pay for. There are also some free Eater coloring pages that you can download.

Easter Bunny Letter #3 - has a cute letter from the Easter Bunny that can be personalized with your child's name, age, hometown, friend's name and gender.

Easter Bunny Letters #4 - Moms Break has a very nicely written letter from the Easter Bunny. You can personalize the letter with your child's name.

Easter Bunny Letterhead - for those of you that would like to write their own Easter Bunny Letters and just need templates, Free Letterhead Templates has five free templates that you can download, customize, and print.

If you create your own Easter Bunny letters and would like to have them added to Fun 4 The Children for others to use, send me an e-mail and they will be added to this blog.

You can find other Free Easter Bunny Letter by visiting past post on Fun 4 The Children:

Free Easter Bunny Letters

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