Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Decorate Greek Easter Eggs

In this decorative Easter eggs segment you will learn how to make Greek Easter eggs. These might be different than any other Easter egg decorating you may have done but I must tell you that they come out beautiful!

Ingredients needed to create your Greek Easter eggs:

* 6 cups water
* ½ dozen hard boiled eggs (brown or white)
* 12 tsp food dye (any color you wish)
* 6 tbsp vinegar
* pantyhose (1 pack should be enough for 6 eggs)
* herbs (any kind you wish)

The following video will guide you along the way with this simple but elegant egg technique.

After your finished decorating your Greek Easter eggs use some of the Free Easter Egg Holders to house your eggs. Make sure you search the Fun 4 The Children blog for other fun and simple ways to decorate your Easter eggs.

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