Friday, June 3, 2011

6 Fun Activities For Homeschooled Preschoolers

Homeschooling a preschooler is not an easy thing to do. You need to prepare your curriculum and brush up on teaching skills and methods. In addition to that, you need to think of fun activities to keep your little one interested in studying and learning.

Have you prepared your activities yet or have you run out of them? This article has some fun ideas that you can use.

Alphabet game – you can teach them the letters through a game. You can let your kid trace or color the letters. You can have him pick the colors or writing materials he wants to use. Or better yet, you can play with clay and shape them into letters.

Have your child identify the letter you both made. Some parents trace out letters in sand in their sandboxes while others use blocks. These fun techniques will surely make learning enjoyable.

Animal sounds – you can draw animals or print them. Let your child identify the animal. You can even have him ask him about the sounds that animal makes. This is pretty much a common activity that is commonly used.

Cause and effect/ before and after – kids are curious in nature. They like exploring and learning new things. Scientific activities can spark your child’s interest. In addition to that, you can help him develop his logic and reasoning skills.

You can play with food coloring to see its effects on color. Another fun activity is planting a seed. You can watch it develop and grow as day passes. You can even go to your yard and look for insects.

Excursion – go somewhere else so the kid does not get bored at home. You can go to a park or a playground. This will give your child a chance to meet other kids and learn to interact with other people.

In addition to developing social skills, the excursion will help him exercise and breathe in fresh air. Aside from the library, you can take your inquisitive one to the library. I am sure that you will both have a fun time while discovering your kid’s favorite subject.

Number Activities – sing songs or nursery rhymes that involve numbers. Another fun activity is counting things at home. For example, you can let him count the number of forks on your dinner table, or ask him to grab a number of items at the grocery. Think of anything that will make your child count.

Professions – you can let your child dress up as whatever he wants to be when he grows up. By this time, he already has an idea of what to do. If he wants to be a doctor, you can let him draw a person. Have him color the drawing. But if you don’t want to play dress up, you can just let your kid draw what he wants to do. Give him the freedom to express what he wants.

Just pick any one of the activities in this article or even all of them to keep your kid entertained. Good luck! I hope that this will keep your homeschooling enjoyable.

Author’s bio: Marcy Gray likes spending time with the kids as she learns a lot about life from them. In addition, she likes to write about various topics such as Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet

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Rita said...

Moms and teachers need to be creative to keep kids continuously interested in learning. Have fun learning! :-)