Monday, June 13, 2011

Free Print and Color Father's Day Cards

I am a big believer that cards that are made or ones that you can print out and have the kids color and decorate are far nicer than the ones we buy in the stores. More heart and soul go into cards that are made from scratch, or printed out and decorated, than the store bought ones (i won't even get started with the price of cards).

On the following websites, you will find some wonderful Father's Day cards that you can print out on your home computer and the let your children color and decorate.

The Incredibles Father's Day Card - for kids that are fans of The Incredibles, this printable Father's Day card has two different pictures, one of Mr Incredible and one of the whole gang.

Dora The Explorer Father's Day Card - this one has a little flower to color and a space where your kids can draw and color their own picture.

Draw Your Dad Father's Day Card - has a small area for your child to draw a sketch of daddy.

The Mombot - has two nice Father's Day cards that can be printed out, colored and decorated. - has a wide selection of cards to print out for dads, grandpas and uncles. You can also find a handful of print and color cards.

Busy Bee Kids Printables - you'll find four Fathers Day Color Me Cards and printable envelops to go with them.

Holiday Crafts and Creations - have your kids grab their crayons and they can make dad one of three great coloring cards. They have also provided free envelope templates for each card.

Just a little advised when printing out cards, it's best to use a heavier paper like cardstock to make your cards and envelopes sturdier.

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Nicola said...

I don't buy cards either, I have my kids make them too. I also buy plain gift bags and have my kids decorate them. Here's some that we made...