Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Free Early Writing for Little Hands eBook

School Sparks is a totally free website for parents devoted to school readiness topics. Renee, a recently retired kindergarten teacher, who runs School Sparks, has also just published her first free eBook: "Early Writing for Little Hands."

kindergarten worksheets

The eBook discusses how to introduce your child to the 26 letters, includes easy tips for teaching your child the proper pencil grip for writing, and includes 52 alphabet tracing worksheets (one for each uppercase letter and lowercase letter).

If you are interested in getting your free "Early Writing for Little Hands" eBook and various other free kindergarten worksheets, visit and click on the link for the eBook on the right side of the page.

A big thank you to Renee for sharing the eBook with us and wish her luck on the launch of her website.

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