Friday, August 26, 2011

2 Leaf Art Projects To Do With Your Kids

Spend time with your kids by doing some fun art projects using materials that you can find right in your garden. These are so quick and easy to do plus they won’t cost you anything. It will also help your kids see nature’s beauty and turn that appreciation into a concrete piece of art. Later on, you can have their outputs framed to be hung in their room or you can make it as the first entry of their art journal.

So are you ready to play with colors and watch your kids have an incredibly good time? Here are the things you’ll need:

● newspapers
● watercolors
● paint brush
● bond paper
● old toothbrush
● screen
● water basic
● leaves

Easy leaf art

The first project we’ll do is the easier one among the three. It’s called leaf stamping. Choose a leaf from your garden with an interesting shape. Then paint its front part with a shade of your choice in the water color set.

After doing so, press it gently onto your bond paper. Hold it in place for at least 5 seconds. Lift it up and see how the leaf’s shape has been imprinted onto the paper. Create fun patterns if you want and use different shades for different leaves. Make sure you dip the paint brush very quickly in the water basin. This is to avoid blotting which might distort the leaf’s shape.

Airbrushed leaf art

For this project, you can still recycle the leaves you used earlier. Take out the one which has the most detailed shape and let it face flat onto the bond paper. Then take out your screen and hold it about 6 inches above the bond paper. Dip your toothbrush in the water basin and then gently sweep any shade.

Brush it against the screen and let the fine droplets form the shape of your leaf. You can shift from one shade to another until the bond paper is fully covered. Put down the screen and let the drops set. Remove the leaf slowly and see the artwork.

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