Monday, August 8, 2011

Free Online Children Games

Parents are always searching the Internet for free online children games. They are still purchasing the regular board games but since technology has practically taken over this world, there is a need to introduce our children to online games.

Children as young as 3 1/2 years old are comfortable playing these games online. They are basically being taught how to use the mouse and keyboard while having fun.

Since this is where we are heading, it is wise to have your child get a feel of the computer from an early age and there are many games that you can find online for your child to play.

Preschoolers have a wide range of online games to choose from since there are many character games online. These games develop good listening skills as the child have to listen carefully to the instructions.

There are a few websites which have a number of free online children games. The children are instructed to use the spacebar to jump in some games and the arrow keys to run. Moms enjoy playing these games too.

Here are some of the online games that you and your child will enjoy playing:

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
Dora's Ballet Adventure
Dora's First Day At School
Exploring Isa's Garden

Dora The Explorer online games teach your preschooler basic Spanish words, counting, letter sounds, letter recognition and more. They prepare your child for kindergarten in a unique way.

After your child watches the popular show on Nickelodeon daily she recites all the stuff she had learned. The same thing happens when she plays the online games.

Here is some of the stuff your child will learn when playing these games.

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure teaches counting in Spanish and English, keyboard functions, letter sounds, letter recognition and improves mouse control.

Dora's Ballet Adventure improves mouse control and listening skills.

Dora The Explorer First Day at School teaches the difference between most and least, basic Spanish words, counting, addition and mouse control.

Exploring Isa's Garden teaches basic Spanish words, color recognition and mouse control.

With the combination of Dora The Explorer TV shows, free online games and all of the other learning tools your preschooler will definitely be off to a good start.

They will be exposed to all of these educational tools and learning through play. This concept is very important at this age. You want your child to have a head-start but I know you will prefer it to all happen in a fun way.

Fay Garner-Barrow is the founder of Dora The Explorer Adventures. As a strong believer of learning through play, she designed this website to educate parents with preschoolers and young children. This website also offers Dora The Explorer party supplies, toys, books, coloring pages, the personalized DVD and more.

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