Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Is The Good In Educational Video Games?

Today's children know technology better than a lot of grown ups. Even the littlest ones can learn to press a switch to produce a desired effect. Youngsters today can run mom and dad's iPod and cell phone better than lots of adults! It is up to parents to make certain that kids are using technology in ways that are both entertaining and instructive.

Frequently when we think of video games the initial thing that comes to mind are worthless games that are a waste of time. They are viewed as brainless activities that are a waste of time. However opposite to general perception, there are excellent kids video games that allow them to be taught while they play!

Maybe we need to rethink our views on children's video games and look at the revolutionary instructive games that educate.

Several different companies manufacture wonderful educational games for kids. Toddlers and older kids alike can add to their awareness of essential skills and knowledge with the educational games that are obtainable. A couple of great software businesses that produce educational software are Leapfrog and Knowledge Adventure.

The first company we will look at is Leapfrog. Leapfrog is a leader in the educational toy field. Without a doubt you have noticed or been exposed to some of the terrific educational toys, games and videos that help kids to learn basic skills. A fantastic product from Leapfrog is the Tag Reader. We once had books on tape, or even for those of us who recall, books on 45 rpm records! Well Tag is like those on steroids! By means of an electronic pen, kids can take pleasure in reading. The pen not only reads the story, it has sounds, words or music for all the pictures as well. The Tag pen only works with Tag Reading System books. However, they make a large assortment of books in entertaining titles that kids will enjoy.

If you are familiar with the Jumpstart computer programs then you know of Knowledge Adventure. Knowledge Adventure's computer programs help get kids set for kindergarten all while having a great time playing a game. At the same time as playing the games, kids learn necessary math and reading skills not to mention science and social studies. In addition to the terrific games available for purchase, Knowledge Adventure has free games available to download from their website.

Learning games are not limited to these two companies, you can find great educational electronics from a large selection of manufacturers. There are excellent instructive games made for a lot of of the great gaming systems offered on the market. With the physical benefits you get from the Wii, children can get in shape while they enrich their minds.

Video games can be a wonderful benefit to your child’s educational experience. With careful research, you can find great electronic toys and games that will help your child prepare for school.

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