Thursday, September 29, 2011

MoNstER EYeBaLLs & Spellbinding Witch Hats Halloween Crafts

Came across a neat Halloween handout idea for your children to give to their friends (great for Halloween parties, school, trick-or-treaters).

The idea for Monster Eyeballs was first done on the "it is what it is" blog, another monster idea, using a Giant Eyeball sticker book bought at Michaels Arts & Crafts Store


It was then redesigned on "The Fickle Pickle" blog, MoNstER EYeBaLLs, using homemade stickers.

While your at the "it is what it is" blog, make sure you check out the Spellbinding Witch Hats, to create a a fun little Halloween favor/gift.

Spellbinding Witch Hats

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beth said...

Thanks so much for the feature! :)