Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Secret to Kid-Friendly Family Vacations

Family vacations are all about the children. There are many kid-friendly resorts where a family can enjoy the wonderful bonding experience that only a family vacation can bring. But how to find those resorts, and how to afford them.

The Secret to Kid-Friendly Family Vacations

There’s a secret. It’s called timeshare rental. Many people are not aware that when timeshare owners can’t use their weeks, they list them for rent. This gives families who are looking for budget-friendly vacation accommodations a great deal.

Most timeshare rentals cost up to 50% less than a hotel room. They are also much more spacious – having separate bedrooms, a living area, a dining area, and a patio or balcony. This extra room allows mom and dad to really relax since there is space for everyone to spread out, there’s room for the kids to play with toys, and the little ones can be put to bed in their own – quiet – bedroom while older members of the family stay up.

A timeshare rental will also come with a full-sized, fully-equipped kitchen. The further cost savings is obvious – no more having to take the entire gang out to eat at expensive restaurants three times a day. The convenience is also obvious – feed the kids breakfast in their pajamas, store formula in the refrigerator, easily prepare healthy snacks any time for those constantly hungry kids.

Another bonus to a timeshare rental is that when they are attached to a resort, many of the resort’s amenities are included in the one low rental price. These can be swimming pools, often with waterpark features, kiddie pools, children’s playgrounds, and arcade game rooms for the teens. Extra on-sight activities can include ice cream socials, arts and crafts, and even volleyball or bocci ball tournaments.

An example of a great – and budget-friendly – timeshare rental resort is the Sheraton Vistana in Orlando, Florida. This amazing resort, just a mile from Walt Disney World, has 135 acres of on-site fun, all with the kids in mind. Amidst the lush tropical landscaping, fountains, lakes, and waterfalls are seven outdoor swimming pools, eight outdoor whirlpools, three game rooms, four children's playgrounds, and 13 lighted tennis courts. And the icing on the cake – currently timeshare rentals start at just $71/night to sleep up to eight.

Another kid-friendly resort is the Harborside Resort at Atlantis, in The Bahamas. Ever dream of vacationing in The Bahamas, but thought it was out of your family’s reach? Think again. This resort is very kid-friendly - it offers a unique children’s program in conjunction with the Discovery Channel. Kids become explorers for a day with fun activities that include finding buried treasure, looking at stars, and learning about sharks. "Base Camp" is a replica of a Spanish galleon ship. And, yes, even The Bahamas are affordable for your family with timeshare rentals – they start here at just $114/night.

Now that you know the timeshare rental secret, you can discover whole worlds of family vacationing fun at great kid-friendly resorts across the country and around the world.

Alice Perkins is a timeshare travel blogger for, the largest online market place for timeshare rentals, where vacationers can find luxury accommodations for less than the cost of a typical hotel room. The site offers a special “Kid-Friendly” section.

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