Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free 25 Money-Saving Halloween Tips eBook

With Halloween is just around the corner, anything that can be done to help save on the expense of costumes, candy and decorations will be very helpful.

Halloween on a Budget<br />

Erin Gifford, Founder of, has created a Free eBook, Halloween on a Budget filled with 25 simple ways to help you and your family save big on all things related to Halloween. With the help of Halloween on a Budget, you’ll find multiple ways to cut back on spending without putting a damper on the fun and festivities of Halloween.

Inside you'll find information on costume swaps, making your own decorations, recycling candy and so much more to help you save a bundle this Halloween!

Head on over to to download your Free eBook, Halloween on a Budget: 25 Frightfully Simple Ways to Save Money on Costumes, Candy & More.

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