Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elf Yourself 2011

Back for yet another year is the very popular Elf Yourself. The elves are back and better than ever!

Elf Yourself 2011

Get ready to take part in an annual holiday tradition of transforming yourself and loved ones into pointy eared, dancing elves!!

As with 2010 version of Elf Yourself , the 2011 version allows you to upload photos from your desktop, Facebook account or your webcam.

Next, you'll get to edited and adjust your photo(s)(up to five photos can be added). Once you have finished uploading and editing, you get to select a dance theme. This years Elf Yourself options include Funk, Hip Hop, 80's, Country, Singing, Surf, Charleston or Classic.

When you have finished making your adjustments and selecting your dance, you will then see an Elf Yourself animation, showing your personalised elves dancing in the setting you selected. After your finished watching your show, you have the options of sharing your video on Facebook or by e-mail.

You'll also have an option to pay for a permanent version of your video creation as well as order gifts (mugs, DVDs, mousepads, etc) that have your personalised Elf Yourself image.

Get ready for some holiday family laughs when you Elf Yourself!

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