Monday, December 19, 2011

From Super Mario Party Supplies to Guest Lists, We Have Baby's Birthday Figured Out

So it's your special little one's first birthday. Well first of all, happy birthday! Second of all, you're probably wondering how to celebrate the occasion. Who should be invited? How long should the party last? What sort of activities should there be? What type of food should I serve? You can throw a great bash for your little one and we know how. Whether you're looking for tips on how to organize the party or looking for themes like Super Mario party supplies, we have you covered.

The first things to think of when planning a party are the logistics. When will you have the party? Your guest list will probably be composed mostly of adult friends and family so the weekend will probably work best. You should plan the time of day around Baby's napping schedule. If you throw Baby's schedule off, they might just give new definition to the term "party pooper."

Once you have the time figured out, you'll want to think of some fun activities. For Baby's first birthday, you'll probably only really need to give them a few of their favorite toys to play with. If you plan on inviting other children, plan on having enough toys for each of them. The first birthday is mostly a special time for the adults to come together and faun over Baby.

If you plan on serving food you might want to provide some sort of cake for the adults to enjoy (although that's optional because Baby probably won't partake in that). It's also nice to provide finger foods for the friends and family members. If you plan on providing food for the children you should consult the parents of any of the toddler guests you're inviting. Plan around any food allergies.

The last, and perhaps most important part of Baby's first birthday is that you take plenty of pictures. The first birthday only happens once so make sure you document the experience!

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