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Top 5 Trivia Games for Kids

Family game night is an inspirational time for the entire family to gather around board games. When it comes to game night, one of the best options is trivia games. Trivia games are a fun option for playing and learning at the same time, teaching children knowledge in a variety of areas. Here are the top five trivia games for kids listed below.

American Trivia: Junior

This fun filled trivia game is great for children nine years old and above. Children race around the board to reach the finish line first. This is an educational game covering a variety of topics in American History. In addition to being a great learning experience, the game is full of fun, and the board is durable, which allows children to bang on the board without worrying about damage. As you make your way around the board, you may land on a block to choose a trivia card. Answering the question correctly allows the player to continue to move forward.

Black Heritage Trivia Game for Kids

This is a great option for two player games or team versus team action. It is a trivial race to the center. Each player selects a card and states what they know about African American history and culture. If they answer correctly, they spin the center piece and progress forward. This trivia game is loaded with over 300 questions and is a fantastic option for children age seven and above.

Beat the Parents Card Game

Unlike most trivia games, this is one that is played without using a board and pawns. This fun filled game provides a great time for the entire family. The children can team up for a game of children versus grown-ups to prove how much smarter children really are. This game is ideal for children between six years and ten years of age. Beat the Parents card game consists of a deck of cards with endless questions to ask the other team in order to learn through play.

iplay Amazing Animal Trivia Game

The iplay Amazing Animal Trivia Game is a great way for children between six and twelve years old to learn about a variety of amazing animals. This game consists of a brilliantly colored board, and a set of over 200 trivia questions. As each player answers a question correctly, they are able to keep the card until the end of the game. It is a race around the board as player’s battle against each other to collect the most sets of cards.

Pressman Rummikub Start Right Game

This game is exceptional for developing number recognition as well as color skills in children as young as four years of age. As each player collects number cards, the ultimate goal is to create a set of consecutive numbers before anyone else. Other sets that each player must complete are full sets of colors and a full set of shape cards in order to be crowned the champion of knowledge. Not only is this game great for children to play and learn at home, but it is also a great option for classroom learning.

When it comes to selecting the trivia game for your children, consider the area of knowledge you want them to focus on. Trivia games cover a variety of topics from animals to colors; shapes to American and African American History, and many more. Trivia games are a great choice for teaching those children who are not all too enthusiastic about school. Make education a weekly experience through family game night with these top five trivia games for kids.

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