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Choose Quirky, Creative Pieces for Your Child’s Wardrobe

Choose Quirky, Creative Pieces for Your Child’s Wardrobe by Florence Jones.

It’s hard to be childlike when you’re an adult. The fortunate ones do manage to maintain their quirkiness in spite of the demands of adult life, but most likely outgrow everything just to adapt to the real world, so to speak. That being said, your choice of kids clothing for your young ones doesn’t have to complement your wardrobe. Have you ever noticed the newer clothing lines, especially the ones with designer labels? Their cuts and designs seem more fitting to teenagers and adults. Your kids should dress according to their age, which means that toddler and preteen clothes should be whimsical and imaginative. Monochrome colors may look good when you’re travelling with family and in style, but you should give your kids’ childhood fancies more credit.

Toddler Clothes Should Tailored for Comfort

It’s fortunate that there’s enough room for creativity when it comes to kids clothes. Your choices should be in tune with the seasons, and it should also be appropriate in terms of form and function. Toddler clothes should be loose and hypoallergenic to ensure safety, and you also have to consider fabrics which won’t chafe or cause allergic reactions. A toddler’s skin is too sensitive, and clothes with nylon or polyester trims may cause rashes (and eventually, infection). Full-time moms know the demands of a newborn or an infant, and the least you can do is to shop at reliable stores which carry age-appropriate clothing.

Safety Comes First

You can choose clothes with drawstrings and buttons for kids ten years old and above. Otherwise, it’s best to opt for open or one-piece garments. Zippers are acceptable so long as they’re durable, overlaid with flaps, and firmly sewn onto the fabric. You can’t afford to have choking hazards on your children’s everyday wardrobe. You’ll know it’s time to overhaul your kids’ closet when they start trying out your clothes in front of the mirror, managing to slip into dresses and trousers without much effort.

Let Your Children Choose as They Please

Give them enough leeway to choose their own clothes when they’re old enough, but make sure you pick out a couple of outfits yourself. Reserve these for formal and special occasions. Chances are, kids will shirk from sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, and khakis; they’d rather be comfortable than proper. Let them have their way if they want to dress like a princess or a cowboy at parties. This is the phase in their lives when they have a license to be creative. Make sure the clothes are still age-appropriate, though. Dress styles shouldn’t be revealing and neck and hemlines should be discreet.

Safety should always come first; you’ll find plenty of online resources which ensure kids clothing and toys are appropriate and safe for your children. You should also be mindful of school regulations when choosing outfits for your child’s wardrobe. Some schools prohibit prints and labels, and some implement strict dress codes as well. Your children will grow out of their clothes as fast as the dirty laundry which piles up on the bin, but at least you’ve accommodated their fancies during their formative years. Besides, you only need to invest in a couple of basic outfits you can mix and match. Purchase several wild-card pieces for the combinations to make things interesting.

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