Sunday, December 23, 2012

How Much Time Should Your Child Spend Talking on The Phone?

You're getting really tired of searching for the home telephone only to find your teenager on it once again. It's official; you're going to limit the time that he or she can spend on the phone. The specific amount of time depends upon certain factors.

Your Child's Age

An eight year old child really does not need to be tying up the phone lines for 30-45 minutes at a time. However, as children turn into teenagers, social bonds require more than just the school day in order form. When your teenager is an all around good kid, consider allowing him or her up to an hour of telephone time every day.

The Phone Bill

Ultimately, no matter how bright or polite your children are, you are the one who has to deal with the home telephone bill. In the event that you simply cannot afford any extra calls at this time, you're going to have to entirely cut out talking on the phone. Is your teenager old enough to start working? If so, tell them they can work at a part-time job for at least a few hours per week to pay the home phone provider. The amount of time he or she gets to spend on the phone can be proportional to the amount of money made.

The Topic of Conversation

If your daughter is spending an hour each day gossiping about other students in her class, then it's time to stop all of the phone calls. Let her know that short calls, maybe 10-15 minutes, can resume when the topic is more appropriate. On the other hand, you should encourage phone calls about group projects. If your child is really dedicated to winning the science fair with his or her group, allow them to chat for 30 minutes or so. After that, it would be best for the group to meet in person.

Telephones Taking Over

Another problem could arise if the telephone is taking over the life of your little one or teenager. Be certain that a balance of different activities is a part of your children's lives. On weekends and during evenings, limit the phone conversations to around 10 minutes; this time frame will allow room for the family to hang out together or to go outside for some fresh air.

The exact amount of time your child gets to spend on the phone is up to you and your spouse. However, taking these factors into consideration can help make the process much more simple.

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