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How to Give Baby Gifts That Will Really be Appreciated

Giving someone a gift is already personal in a sense, but personalizing your gift is taking it another step further. While the gift already indicates how special that person is to you, getting them something personalized to reflect their personality and personal preferences, is something more special. It makes the whole gift-giving process unique and will therefore elicit nothing but complete appreciation from the recipient.

Giving out personalized gifts makes the recipient feel special not only because you took the time to have their name, a special date or a special message engraved, embossed or printed on the gift but also because it really sends out the message that you were thinking of them, and is an indication of how well you know them.

Personalised baby gifts are one of the most popular gift items these days. There isn’t an occasion that people can’t give them nor is there a baby they can’t give them to, even if said baby can’t appreciate the value of the gift yet. However, giving personalized gifts is more than just having baby’s name embroidered on a bib, it is actually about catering to the needs of the new parents. All baby needs at this point is love and care and since the new parents got that covered, what gift givers need  to focus on is what will help Dad and Mum focus on taking care of their newborn.

First of all, giving personalised baby gifts means giving something you would like to receive for yourself. Baby gift baskets that contain an assortment of items for both baby and Mommy abound online so you won’t be hard-pressed to find items that you can put together or baskets that are already pre-filled with items you can personalize like baby bathrobes and towels  or baby sweaters and hats. You can also consider giving Mum a monogrammed set of pillows and blankets and baby bath sets. These are probably what she needs more than a cute teddy bear.

Assuming she already has everything she may need for baby, you can consider giving her a gift basket filled with her favorite bath lotions, shower gels or aromatherapy candles in her favorite scent to help her relax once baby’s been put to sleep. You can also include a baby book or books best for first-time mothers as well.

However, if you are giving personalised baby gifts to parents you know may be experiencing financial problems, giving them something practical and useful like bouncy seats to keep the baby occupied with Mum squeezes in a chore or two, baby monitors so that new parents can easily monitor their baby while they are asleep in another room, high chairs or baby car seats, a diaper cake, wall organizers to store their nappies, books and soft toys and baby bottles. The new parents will truly be happy and appreciate the fact that they don’t have to spend more than necessary for the stuff that baby needs.

And if you don’t know the parents that well? Consider sending gifts that express your happiness for them and their new bundle of joy, such as clothes or educational toys and include a personalized gift card.

Remember that whatever you send or give, the real thing that matters is the thought behind the gift and not how much it costs.

How to Give Baby Gifts That Will Really be Appreciated is a Guest Post by Florence Jones.

About the Author: A career woman and a devoted mom, Florence Jones is also a freelance writer who loves to share parenting tips and stories. As a fashion-savvy parent, she loves to shop and search online for her family’s clothing, personalised baby gifts, accessories, and other educational materials.

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