Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reinventing the Valentine's Box: 5 Fresh Ideas Your Kid Will Love

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday for children, and it is a great way to show your little ones how loved they really area. One of the great traditions during Valentine's Day is the Valentine's box, which is where your child will collect their Valentine's Day cards and treats. It is easy to buy a box, but doing so won't let you be creative or surprise your child. For a fresh take on the traditional box, here are five fun and unique ways to collect Valentine's Day cards this year.

1. Sewing Skills

The parent can start by cutting out six square panels directly from a cardboard box, making sure that each panel is the exact same size. These six panels will go together to form a box shape. However, you can actually sew them together using yarn for a fun touch. Poke big holes along every edge of the panels and then let your children use yarn to connect them together. Cut a hole in the top to insert cards.

2. Birdhouse Box

If you have a smaller box, you can limit the amount of time it takes to craft a simple birdhouse from cardboard. Simply start by cutting the top off of a box, and then use these cut panels to shape a triangular roof at the top instead, which will resemble a birdhouse. In the front, cut out a round hole where cards can go. Then paint any color you like.

3. Hungry Monster Box

One of the simplest ideas, and one that is especially popular with little boys, is to create a hungry monster Valentine's Day box. Tape up a small box so that it is completely sealed, and then paint it a dark color. Cut a jagged entry hole for cards, and then paint the jagged edge white to look like teeth on the monster's mouth.

4. Lego Brick Box

If you have a square box, cut it so that it is just six inches deep. Seal the edges so that no cards will fall out, and then use a hot glue gun to stick Styrofoam cups, cut in half, onto the top of the box to look like a piece of Lego. Paint the whole box and then cut a hole for cards. If you need extra boxes, you can usually find boxes in storage units, like Poughkeepsie NY storage, if you run short.

5. Box Handbag

Little girls will love turning their boxes into handbags. Simply tape together cardboard from a box that can look like a small handbag, which should be roughly the size of a cereal box. Just add cardboard handle and you are ready to go.

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