Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fourth of July Printable Packs

Free Fourth of July Printable Packs for preschool, toddlers and children ages 2-8. The ladies over at Royal Baloo, 3 Dinosaurs and Gift of Curiosity have done an amazing job of putting together these wonderful and educational Fourth of July printable pages, that can be downloaded for free!

Fourth of July

4th of July Pack - Contains a 4th of July Pack with over 75 pages and a Tot Pack with 33 pages. Find items such as: Matching Cards, Small Book of American Symbols, Matching Pictures, Color the Statue Of Liberty and so much more!

4th of July Dot Marker: 11 pages of fun Dot Marker Fun

4th of July Printable Pack: Contains 57 activities focused on skills such as shapes and sizes, colors, same vs. different, sorting/categorizing, sequencing, puzzles, mazes, fine motor, math, and literacy.

Toddler Time Printables – 4th of July: Mini tot packs designed for kids learning their letters. 4 sets that include Fireworks, Flag, Sparkler and USA.

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