Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Scenes of Transition Poster

I had order a copy of this poster for my daughter when she was doing a class report on river wildlife. The poster was so nice, my daughter hung it up in her room after the project was finished.

The Scenes of Transition poster contains more than 100 different plants and animals, and illustrates the rich abundance of life in estuaries. The poster serves as an educational tool, with a key that highlights the common and scientific names for more than half of the species in the painting as well as helping your child learn about the wildlife environments of the estuaries.

Scenes of Transition Poster

You can order this poster for free from the United States Environmental Protection Agency at the EPA website.

While your at their website they have two other posters you can order. One is for Protecting our Nations Estuaries and the other for Keeping Our Oceans Clean and Safe. I have just order the Oceans poster and will update this post when I receive it.

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