Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rare Children's Literature

I have found a really neat site where you can find some rare children's books to read online or print out on your computer printer.

The Library of Congress has listed many rare children's books with published/created dates that go back into the 1800's.

To read through the books, they have a Page turner ink that allows you to move through the books, page by page. You can also enlarge any of the page images.

You also have the option of opening the book in a PDF format which you can then print the book(s) out on your computer printer. We have printed out a few of the books and placed them in binders, adding to my children's ever growing library.

Some titles include:

The Arabian nights: Their Best-Known Tales
Ballad of the Lost Hare
Baseball A B C
The Children's Object Book
Mother Goose Finger Plays

They have some nice books listed (some that I had never heard of) and my kids loved many of them. Click the above link to visit the Library of Congress and have some fun reading the books to you children or have them read them to you.

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