Monday, August 25, 2008

Dr. Mike's Math Games For Kids

I came across another math related website that I believe will be helpful and fun for anyone with children having problems with math.

Dr. Mike's Math Games For Kids is an online collection of free printable math games for kids, that teaches math through play!

You will find many different games, puzzles and worksheets that can help your child learn math. The best part about Dr Mike's website is that it can help your kids learn math, without even realising they are learning.

Find games for your preschoolers, all the way up to the seventh grade. Dr Mike's also has a section for home-schooling and teachers can photocopy the math games to use in their classrooms.

My daughter is enjoying the Dr. Mike's Math Games For Kids printables, they keep her interest, are very easy to use and most importantly helping her to learn math!

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eileen said...

There is another great site that my kids just love. its great because the parents can pick the learning games and keep track of the childs progress with in each game played.

Lotus Flower said...

I am interested because ,my daughter is a pre-school teacher and can perhaps pass this info to her.

Thanks for sharing.