Friday, September 5, 2008

How to Create a Children’s Sticker Storybook

I stumbled across a fun, creative idea, not to mention a big help to stickers being placed where they shouldn't be.

The Grandparent Blog, which is published by Grandpa Shayne Packer (along with Grandma Tanda), posted an adorable idea of making children's storybooks with stickers. They provide a wonderful step-by-step video tutorial, along with a sample project on on creating handmade sticker story books for you kids and grandkids.

I love the idea of creating the stories and then having the children interact by placing the stickers. As I sit here typing and looking at a bunch of stickers that my little man has stuck up and down his leg, the story lines are flowing (maybe that's why it's taking me over an hour so far to finish this post).

Leaving extra pages in the book is also a great idea to let your kids expand the story with their own words and ideas.

I want thank Shayne and Tanda Packer for the wonderful idea. To read the full post on the children's sticker storybook visit "How to write a children’s storybook with stickers".

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Shayne said...

Thanks for the wonderful review of my tutorial! I've had lots of great comments on my blog. Now I am making 2 more of these children’s storybooks with stickers for a 4 year grandson and a 3 year old granddaughter. Their birthdays are coming up in a couple of weeks. Fun stuff! :-)