Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun Activity

This is a wonderful game for the adults and the children on Thanksgiving. Everyone will write what they are thankful for on the Bing Note cards you can print out on your computer printer.

The cards will then be collected and put in a bowl, then everyone will get to pick one out and read it aloud. You then guess who wrote it.

A fun way to teach children what it means to be thankful!

"Let’s bring in the Thanksgiving spirit by having the kids share with everyone why they are thankful in a little game. The Bing Note Team has developed an activity called Thanksgiving Fun! This activity will keep everyone guessing, while at the same time, teach kids (and hey, even the adults can learn a lesson or 2) about what it means to be thankful. And of course, everyone will have loads of fun!"

Thanksgiving Fun Activity

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