Saturday, July 11, 2009

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a free online portal where your children can learn all about animals, science, geography, history, art and cultures.

National Geographic Kids

Elementary to middle school-aged kids will enjoy games, stories, activities, photos, videos and more which will help make learning fun and entertaining.

Your children can spend hours exploring the National Geographic Kids website looking at the outstanding photos, searching through the video gallery, engaging in brainteasers, puzzles and quizzes, science and nature stories, word games, and activities that your children can perform by themselves and with their parents, continuing their fun while learning offline.

This is a wonderful website for your children to use as a homework helper for school projects and assignments, as they can search search the huge database for many different subjects. (Homework Helper will be a new category on this blog)

Great job done by National Geographic Kids and one you will want to bookmark for the kids!

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Love Toddler said...

Thank you for your information. It's important for me and my kids....