Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fo-Fo Figgily - Surprise Birthday Adventure Review

Fo-Fo Figgily? Who? I had no idea who, or what this might be, when I was contacted to see if I would like to do a review and giveaway of The Fo-Fo Figgly Show on DVD.

Fo-Fo Figgily Show

I quickly headed over to The Fo-Fo Figgly Show website to see what Fo-Fo Figgly was all about.

I have to admit, I was a little surprised when I saw a Fump named Fo-Fo Figgily, that looked like a cross between Big Bird and Barney! After going through their website, which you must make sure to visit for interactive games, songs, fitness tips and more, I was very satisfied with the content, cute characters and the positive messages they were trying to get across to our children. I was also excited to be receiving the DVD for review to see what my children would think.

Fo-Fo Figgily and his friends will captivate your child’s imagination in this delightful children's DVD. The fantastical characters that create the limitless world of The Fo-Fo Figgily Show are truly enchanting! Your child will be engaged and benefit from the program’s positive messages including, exhilarating fitness, healthy eating suggestions and treating others with kindness.

After receiving my DVD, I gathered up my children, along with my niece and nephew to sit down and see what they would think about Fo-Fo Figgily.

The title of the DVD received was Fo-Fo Figgily's Surprise Birthday Adventure, with the birthday party being for the town firefighter, Kendal Bootglow.

Kendal Bootglow - Fo-Fo Figgily

I have to laugh because my little guy took such a fascination to Kendal Bootglow. Now my little guy is obsessed with anything firefighter related but I can't help but think he had taken a liken to the pretty, baritone voiced Kendal.

The children all seemed to have their own favorite characters as we ran across an interesting cast as we watched the DVD. Along with Fo-Fo and Kendal we got to meet Logan, Vivala Wee, Fixle Bowstring, Mr Pinch, Task Tinkers and Earnest the Earthworm as they embark on a cute musical adventure to get the Giggly Giggle Plant it's giggles back in time for Kendal's surprise birthday party.

Fo-Fo Figgily Cast

Along with the Fo-Fo Figgily's Surprise Birthday Adventure, there was two other features on the DVD that provided fun music sing-along songs and healthy eating tips.

After the reviews were in, the kids gave Fo-Fo Figgily a big thumbs up! They were all engaged fully throughout the whole DVD and my children happily sing the songs constantly in my home, with my little guy wanting to watch the movie constantly.

As for me, I am very happy for the opportunity to get to learn more about the Fo-Fo Figgily Show. The characters are all enchanting and the children the program was filled with creativity, imagination and wonderful educational content.

The positive messages of kindness, teamwork, healthy eating suggestions and having fun are a great benefit for the children and will have them dancing, singing and laughing over and over.

A wonderful addition to our video collection and one I am happy to recommend as well as add to the Fun 4 The Children blog!

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Vertical Measures on behalf of The Fo-Fo Figgily Show for the opportunity to review this product. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. I was not compensated in any manner, other than the product to review and the two copies of Fo-Fo Figgily Surprise Birthday Adventure DVD, to giveaway. My reviews may not always positive, but they are my personal and honest opinions. Please conduct your own research before purchasing products. For more information about Fun 4 The Children please read our Disclaimer and Disclosure Policies.

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