Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4 Great Summer Party Ideas For Kids

It looks like summer might actually happen, and if you can navigate between the showers you may be able to arrange a fun outdoor party for the kids. If the weather is on your side, you might want to give these children's party ideas a go!

Paddling pool party

Pool parties are fun, and it's great on a smaller scale. This is ideal for very young children, as you can get them to play together in a paddling pool. Kids really enjoy splashing about in pool, which is incredibly refreshing on a hot summer's day. Paddling pools are comparatively affordable, depending on size, and the fun can greatly outweigh the cost.

Baking party

Children love to cook and bake, mainly because of the chance to make something that they can enjoy by eating. Aside from the cost of the ingredients, this is a fairly inexpensive party idea, as the partygoers can enjoy the nibbles that they make. The choice of food they can make is endless, such as cupcakes, gingerbread men and various cakes and biscuits. You can find a great selection of recipes online. If you're not a confident cook, it's worth having a practice run with your own children first.


Kids love dressing up, and fancy dress makes an excellent party idea. Themes can make it even more interesting. When you look online for ideas for themes, there are mentions of Princess Parties for girls and Football Parties for boys, but who says you can't mix it up? Maybe Princes and Princesses, or football for boys and girls? Alternatively, your child may want a theme that's completely different, perhaps based on a favourite TV show or film. There are a lot of party suppliers who cater for specific themes; you might be surprised at what's out there.


Children's parties can have entertainers such as clown, magicians and face painters. These are a great idea that will keep kids engaged and entertained, but can easily become expensive. There are ways of hiring entertainers from agencies online, but you might also find local entertainers. Do ask around among your friends and other parents to make sure the entertainer is right for your party. When it comes to face painting, there are some very talented artists out there, but you can also have a go yourself, or rope in a friend to help you. While the results might be a little more rudimentary, they can still be a lot of fun!
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Avafreame said...

Great ideas! My little boy is insisting on a theme party. This one will be really helpful.

Sammie said...

Enjoy!! Thanks for your comment.